What To Do If Your Car/Bike Gets Towed

What To Do If Your Car/Bike Gets Towed

Say you are busy street-shopping in that crowded area of your city. You come back after two hours to find out your car has been towed away by the authorities. And, if this dreaded incident is in a metro city, wish yourself luck.

Some of us have been through this terrible ordeal, sometimes more than once and ideally the first thing to know should be how to avoid getting your vehicle towed.

Here are some quick pointers: As per the law, you shouldn’t park your vehicle:

  • So it causes or is likely to be perceived as a danger, obstruction or an undue inconvenience to other road users
  • At or near a road crossing
  • Obstructing another parked vehicle or on the wrong side of the road
  • On a footpath
  • Far away from the edge of the footpath
  • Near a traffic light or pedestrian crossing
  • Near a bus stop, school/hospital entrance, blocking traffic sign or premises entrance or a fire hydrant
  • Unattended for more than 10 hours at a public place so that it blocks the flow of traffic
  • In a No Parking Zone

Firstly, avoid any of the above to keep your vehicle from getting towed.

Secondly, if you have not broken any of the above rules and your car has been towed, you can quote them in your defense.

The main reason you should be careful of getting towed by the authorities is that there have been cases of severe damages to the towed vehicles (unintentionally of course). The reparation of damages might be costlier than the parking fine. Though you may be able to claim compensation, these damages will depreciate the value of your vehicle and affect your insurance rates as well.

There is an additional insurance cover for your insurance policy to protect yourself against this eventuality. The Collision Coverage for your car covers towing damages in general.

Finally, if your car or bike gets towed, here’s what you do:

  • Remember, RTO has the right to auction your vehicle if you don’t claim it.
  • Enquire about your car/bike and the offense (if not clear to you already).
  • Check if there are any damages. If so, you can claim compensation from the towing agency.
  • Pay the respective fine.
  • In any case, always park like you shouldn’t have the need to get towed in the first place!

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