Driving is fun, right? The steering, the power behind the wheel, the control? But the best part of driving isn’t about any of these. Knowing that your car is in the best possible state = smooth driving, and smooth driving, = happy driving, and everyone deserves happy driving.

Problems with car suspension do not = Happy driving. So let’s take a look at 3 signs that your car suspension is faltering and what you could do to make driving happy again!

  • Pulling to one side

Have you noticed your car pulling to one side when you’re smooth sailing on an open freeway?

That could mean that you need a suspension check!

It can also be one of the hardest problems to diagnose without the help of a professional. Tires need to be aligned precisely for toe-in, caster, and camber. Poor alignment means uneven tire wear, annoying pulling, a constant fight with the steering wheel, and even decreased gas mileage. Your vehicle could be pulling for any number of reasons:

  • Uneven tire pressure
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Poor alignment
  • Bad tire rods or steering rack
  • Sticking brake caliper

If you blow through a pothole or climb over a curb or two, your alignment can get out of hand. Sudden changes in alignment don’t happen magically. Something broke. It could be a broken spring or a control arm.

The end result of long overdue suspension checkups.

The end result of long-overdue suspension checkups.

  • Feeling every bump in the road:

Did the last bump you went over leave your back in shock? Well, that’s probably your suspension calling for help! Most suspension issues make your shock absorbers lose their ability to absorb shock endured on that road that never gets fixed.

Try the bounce test—when your car is parked, put all of your weight on the front end, release, and observe how the vehicle responds. If it bounces back and forth 3 or more times, the shocks and/or struts are worn and need replacing. And don’t forget to get that suspension checked!

  • One corner of the car sits low:

“Car limping” is a thing! If you notice that one side of your car is closer to the ground or that one part of your car seems to touch every hump on the road, you need to give your car in for service, because your suspension is screaming, along with your shocks or springs. These combined maintain the height of your car ensuring that you don’t feel the humps, you can drive straight and you don’t hit the roof of your car in the bounce aftermath. In short, check your suspension!