Nobody enjoys waiting in Bangalore traffic. Most Bangaloreans continue to choose the option of commuting with their personal vehicles due to a lack of excellent public transportation options.

A significant case is being made that heavy traffic in a city also poses a serious public health risk to its residents. There are well-documented economic consequences of heavy traffic, such as critical productive time lost and wastage of fuel from idling vehicles. The health consequences associated with a long commute due to traffic include higher weight, lower fitness levels, high blood pressure and lack of sleep – all factors linked to diabetes, heart problems, respiratory problems, chronic stress and some types of cancer.

The triggers to these health consequences are primarily the impatience of having to wait for traffic to move, having to deal with the mistakes of other drivers, missing a personal engagement or being delayed from keeping an appointment, and the stress of facing a vehicle breakdown and having to search for a service provider in the chaotic surrounding.

How you can deal with Bangalore traffic

Fortunately, there are a few hacks you could adopt instead of wasting your life in a traffic jam. These simple habits will benefit you by making good use of your time, helping you be more productive and alleviating your overall mood.

  • Inhale and Exhale: Being stuck in traffic is a good time to practice some simple breathing exercises which will begin (or end) your day with a clear mind.
  • Make your to-do list: Why wait to get to your destination, keep a pocket notepad or use a convenient note-taking app to plan your activities.
  • Listen to an audiobook/podcast: There are tons of books and conversations on every topic out there which you can learn from on your commute.
  • Declutter your glove-box: Why waste your free time on mundane tasks like clearing your car when you can do it in iterated bursts.
  • Carpool with friends: Save on exorbitant fuel costs and build friendships by joining a carpooling group or creating one with friends who share similar commutes

…and how to avoid spending a disproportionate amount of time in traffic

  • Avoid rush hour if your workplace allows for flexible timings. You could also finish a part of your work at home and leave at a time when traffic is sparse.
  • Use convenient and time-saving services which don’t require you to travel unnecessarily such as food delivery services, and roadside vehicle services and doorstep car services.