Spare key delivery, Car lockout help and other breakdown services

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You’ve accidentally locked your car with the keys inside. Your bike key is jammed in the lock or stuck in the ignition. You’re frantically looking for key lockout services near you. Don’t worry! RESCUE is always nearby and available 24 hours a day.

Whether you need help with a jammed key or from a car lockout situation, we are the vehicle key recovery service you’re looking for. We get you moving!

A typical breakdown scenario explained:

Final Face a Vehicle Issue

Your vehicle faces a breakdown issue in the city.

Rescue Team Final Get in Touch

You get in touch with RESCUE via helpline or app.

Rescue Team Help Final Dispatch

We dispatch the closest help to your location.

Rescue Team On Your Way

Our mechanic fixes the issue and you’re back on the way!

What our key recovery service entails: In case the vehicle key is lost or misplaced, the RESCUE mechanic will be dispatched to the location of the spare key to pick it up and deliver it to your spot.

Why look for lost key services near you when RESCUE arrives at your spot?

Final Customer Assisted

Assisted over 2,00,000 commuters

Final Safely Towed

Towed over 40,000 vehicles safely

We’ve been helping commuters in Bangalore since 2011, working behind-the-scenes in partnership with major automobile brands and building our own extensive and ever-expanding network in the city. Serving stranded commuters successfully, day after day has helped us become the premier Roadside Assistance provider in Bangalore.

Enjoy unlimited breakdown services!

Buy an annual Roadside Assistance plan and enjoy unlimited breakdown and towing services for an entire year.
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Client Testimonial

“I accidentally left my key in and was locked out of my car. As a RESCUE member, I simply had to give them a call and they sent a mechanic within 15-20 minutes to unlock my car. Easy!” – Mohan, Sales Professional

FAQs about our Key Recovery Services

We are constantly working behind-the-scenes to maintain average reach times of 30 minutes or less and deliver the quickest vehicle breakdown service in Bangalore. Factors such as unusual traffic density, rains, road blocks, VIP movements, and other unseen hindrances may affect our reach times.

If your keys are lost, misplaced or broken we will arrange for the delivery of the spare key to your location from your home/office. We will attempt forced entry of the vehicle to retrieve the keys only if instructed to do so, by the owner of the vehicle.

We do not provide key copying/duplicating or key printing services.