Engine for Sports Cars

Ever since the death of the RX-8 in 2012, we’ve been wondering when a rotary engine would return to a production car. Well, according to this latest report from Automotive News, it could happen as soon as 2019. Mazda global powertrain boss Mitsuo Hitomi says the rotary is likely to return as a range extender engine to generate[…]

What is Roadside Assistance?

A guide to Roadside Assistance, its origins and history. Roadside Assistance or Breakdown Assistance is an assortment of vehicle services that primarily assist motorists who are stranded on the road. The aim of Roadside Assistance is to get the vehicle moving again after fixing the issue on the spot, either to the original destination or[…]

Is your number plate defective?

Determine if your number plate could get you into trouble with these quick pointers: As per Sections 50 and 51 of the Central Motor Vehicle Act, there should be no graffiti or drawing on the number plates. The numbers should be as per the standard prescribed by the Act. As per the standard, vehicles registered[…]

Why is a spare tyre called a ‘Stepney’?

If you’ve driven in India long enough, you’ve probably heard the word ‘stepney change’ once in a while. ‘Stepney’ is a colloquial term used in India (and some former British colonies) for the spare tyre of a car. Notably, this peculiar term isn’t commonly used to describe a spare wheel in modern-day England. Read on[…]

What to do when your engine overheats

As temperatures rise outside, our support team at RESCUE see many complaints coming in about an overheated engine. While the best option is to not drive further and have it checked by one of our expert mechanics (who will diagnose the exact issue and recommend the next step), there are a few things you can do at that critical[…]

How to deal with being stuck in Bangalore traffic

Nobody enjoys waiting in Bangalore traffic. Most Bangaloreans continue to choose the option of commuting with their personal vehicles due to a lack of excellent public transportation options. A significant case is being made that heavy traffic in a city also poses a serious public health risk to its residents. There are well-documented economic consequences[…]

What to do when your car battery dies

At RESCUE, one of the most common complaints we hear from customers who call us round-the-clock is about their vehicle’s battery issues. From our analysis of various customer complaints, we have found that the most common reason for a dead battery in Bangalore is due to the customer leaving the headlights on or the A/C on when the[…]

Is Your Car Mechanic Overcharging?

Have you ever wondered if your mechanic is taking advantage of you? Do you ever get the suspicion that you’re paying too much for your auto repairs? If you ever have these thoughts, you’re not alone! Here are some repairs that you are most likely overcharged for: Engine work Drive belts Transmissions Electronic systems like;[…]

Simple Ways to Increase Bike Power

If you’re seeking to wring more power out of your motorcycle, there’s no shortage of techniques to do the deed! Problem is, they generally require that one aspect you’re in short supply of cold difficult cash. The good news is there are ways around that, and many times getting the right components to paintings the[…]

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