Starting Trouble repairs, cut cable replacements, electrical fixes and other breakdown services

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30 mins reach time | Trained Mechanics | Available across Bangalore

You’ve got starting problems with your car or you need help with a cut clutch cable in your bike. You’re frantically looking for vehicle garages near you. Don’t worry! RESCUE is always nearby and available 24 hours a day.

Whether it’s a clutch cable replacement or a fuse issue in your vehicle, we have the 24-hour breakdown mechanic you’re looking for. We get you moving!

A typical breakdown scenario explained:


1. You face an issue with your vehicle.


2. You get in touch
with RESCUE.


3. We dispatch the
closest help.


4. You’re on
your way!

What our roadside repair service entails: The RESCUE mechanic is dispatched to your spot wherever you are in Bangalore and aims to reach you within 30 minutes. He inspects the vehicle with the provided information and identifies the issue. If it is a minor issue which can be fixed to get you moving, he will provide assistance on-the-spot, as required. If it is a severe issue which requires a garage set-up, we will recommend towing the vehicle to the destination of your choice.

Why look for vehicle garages near you when RESCUE arrives at your spot?


Assisted over 2,00,000 commuters


Towed over 40,000 vehicles safely

We’ve been helping commuters in Bangalore since 2011, working behind-the-scenes in partnership with major automobile brands and building our own extensive and ever-expanding network in the city. Serving stranded commuters successfully, day after day has helped us become the premier Roadside Assistance provider in Bangalore.

Enjoy unlimited breakdown services!

Buy an annual Roadside Assistance plan and enjoy unlimited breakdown and towing services for an entire year.

What our clients say

Don’t take our word, hear it from our clients. Client happiness is our utmost priority.

“I had an issue with my clutch cable on the way to office. RESCUE sent in their vehicle mechanic in no time with spares and took care of the cable replacement as I sat in office. Super convenient service.”
Business Owner

FAQs about our Vehicle Breakdown Service

We are constantly working behind-the-scenes to maintain average reach times of 30 minutes or less and deliver the quickest vehicle breakdown service in Bangalore. Factors such as unusual traffic density, rains, road blocks, VIP movements, and other unseen hindrances may affect our reach times.

We help you with any vehicle issue which can be fixed on the road or breakdown spot and get you moving from an immobile position. For example, cut clutch cable replacements, chain repairs, minor mechanical fixes, etc.

We resolve 98% of breakdowns on the spot, if your breakdown issue isn’t resolved, there is probably a serious underlying issue which cannot be fixed on the road. We will recommend towing your vehicle to the nearest service station of your choice.

Yes, we will assist you with purchase of original spares and charge you at the prevalent market rates.

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